Pasang Lhamu Sherpa

Pasang lhamu Sherpa was born on December 1961, surke-4, solukhumbu,Nepal. Her father’s name was phurba kitar Sherpa and was married to Lhakpa Sonam Sherpa. She was the first woman fromNepalto climbMount Everest.

On may 29,1953 Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary made history by being the first one to scalemt.Everest. And on 22 april 1975,Nepalmarked day6 of Pasang lhamu Sherpa’s conquest ofmt.Everest. She was the first nepali woman to conquer Everest.

As an adolescent, she worked as a trekking guide with her father. Later, she married lhakpa sonam Sherpa.

The government of Nepaldeclared her as a National Luminary of country on 9th anniversary of her success in climbingmt.everest. She is the second female national Luminary of Nepal.she is a fine example of nepali woman’s firm resolute spirit.

Dawa Futi Sherpa, one of her child says,” I ve memories of a woman who followed her dream and reached the top of the world, a mother who even in difficult times gave her family all that a mother could and a person whose courage and faith in herself made her a legacy.

The Jasamba Himal [7,325m] in the Mahalangur range has been renamed as Pasang Lhamu park. The 117km Trishuli- Dunche road has been renamed as Pasang lhamu highway. The governmentNepalissued a postage stamp in her honour. She was the first woman to be awarded with ‘ Nepali Tara’ as rastriya bhibhuti by late king birendra.



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    pasang lamu sherpa was the one of the god

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